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WEITMEER - Ophelia
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O-Ton - Warum der Name _Good Vibes_
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O-Ton - Was ist das besondere an der EP_
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O-Ton - Was sind die Themen der Songs_
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O-Ton - Wer ist Ophelia_
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The German indie-pop band WEITMEER will release their second EP on November 24th, 2023

“Good Vibes” with which they tell their very personal story!

Phil andd Luca has known each other since kindergarten and they have been making music together since elementary school. Together they form the duo WEITMEER. They will release their second EP in November"Good Vibes", which is the result of countless shared experiences over the last few years,Months, weeks and even days.


In your texts you use verbsOrgene, sometimes in a very direct way, her everyday experiences and observations that have accompanied her over timen. They particularly focus on the light and positive aspects in order to achieve aEasy listening experience to take your listeners on a journeyaccompanied by good feelings. The result is a very personal and unmistakable sound that is somewhere between internationalalen pop sounds a laHarry Styles orKaty Perry and German indie pop greats likeENNIO orprovince classified.

The fourth and final song on the EP is titled“Ophelia.” It's about the feelings of being rejected by your first great love, but simply not being able to forget her. With his catchy guitar riff and distinctive voice, Ophelia is a constant companion on everyonefeel-good pop andIndie playlists from Germany!

WIDE SEA is one of the up and coming bands in theGerman indie pop scene. WEITMEER helped shape the 2023 festival summer across Germany and established themselves as a popular newcomer. They thrilled their audience asCo-headliner Alice Merton and played asOpener for Clueso and Montez. The band was also in the lineup at various open air festivals with, among others:Leonids,Because of Lisbeth,Room27 andPaula Carolina. WEITMEER are for the renownedRio Reiser Song Prize nominated and have it among theTop 20 of the Warsteiner band contest for a gig at Rock amRing and Rock in the Park 2023 completed.

Since their debut in March 2022, WEITMEER have had a total of over200,000 streams achieved on Spotify. Your new EP“Good Vibes” is fromNovember 24, 2023 available on all common streaming platforms.


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O-Ton - Wie ist die Band entstanden_
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O-Ton - Wie sehen die weiteren Pläne aus_
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O-Ton - Wie sind die Songs entstanden_
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O-Ton - Worum handelt Ophelia_
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O-Ton - Wir sind WEITMEER und ihr hört Ophelia
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